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Help me sponsor Ken as my Hometown Hero!

100% of all donations go towards helping these heroes get active and involved.

Mike Campbell has selected Green Bay, WI native Ken Corry as his 2023 Hometown Hero. Here is Ken's story, please donate below and help me help Ken pursue cycling ....ONE MILE AT A TIME

Ken Corry

I am a combat Air Force Veteran who is dedicated to helping his fellow brothers and sisters in the community as a connection to the programs, benefits and services they have earned by serving our country so we can be free.  I struggled for years after getting out the military with pushing my family, friends and loved ones away, drinking, getting into fights, running into the law and not addressing the underlying issues from the 3 years spent in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. I struggled for about 3 years after the military and found help within the VA because of a woman who pushed me to get some help. It was a back and forth with the VA and my ex.  I eventually stuck with the counseling but lost her. 


During the military I found the most difficult things was being able to ask for help. I was able to ask for help twice. The two times I did ask for help my weapon was taken away from me leading me into not asking for help. I was married in Nov of 06, my second marriage and left immediately after that to Baghdad Iraq, Nov 06 to Nov 07. I lost a close friend during that deployment and many others that I knew. I was a changed person after that deployment and would never be the same. My marriage suffered because I wasn't ready to ask for help knowing that if I did my weapon would be taken away. I didn't and went on my last tour in Feb 2009. During that tour my good friend Cinco let me know that there was a man that was coming to my house often. That is when it ended for my wife and I. I was in Afghanistan and was relieved in Nov 09 and my last shift working when I had my last post change, there was Cinco. That was the last time I saw him alive. He died in Afghanistan years later but at the same base. I do what I do now because I don't want to let my brothers and sisters down. I want to continue to serve as I have lost so many friends to suicide and want to make a difference where I can continue to fight for all who served and their families.

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