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Our Mission



The One Mile Leadership Project, a 501c3 organization, was a concept imagined by Mike Campbell as a way for its members to show support, spread awareness, and inspire action through the use of a social media platform. The One Mile network has since grown to include 900+ hand selected professional/retired athletes, military members, authors, coaches, corporate CEOs and many other leaders. We all have a story to share. One Mile is that place where heroes inspire leaders, leaders inspire action, and action is created to make a positive change throughout the world.


Our vision is to create a message of hope, inspiration and action to spread around the world.



One Mile Leadership Project is a proactive community of leaders who are focused on showing support, growing awareness, and inspiring action within our community.  The primary focus is on those suffering in silence, people suffering from PTSD, addiction, abuse or the invisible thoughts of suicide. Our unique composition of athletes and motivational professionals allows One Mile Leadership Project to offer a global platform of support, where people in leadership positions can exchange thoughts and ideas, while offering proactive, positive support. 



Mike Campbell

President / Founder

Founder of ONE MILE. Mike has spent the past 20 years running local endurance clubs and playing a major role in keeping his community active. Mike has enjoyed racing all distance triathlons and recently completed his 4th full Ironman. 

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